How we do it

Seriously playful...

We work together to forge new ideas, new creative relationships and new methods in our approach to re-shaping and re-imagining what theatre can be.

And to do that we explore how each beat of the story can be delivered in the most immediate way – whether that be by, say, smell, live action, directional sound, wearable technology or music. However, the story is always the thing – it drives every decision we make and every direction we take.

As a collective, we are committed to disseminating our development processes and the outcomes of the final production with our audiences, peers and colleagues through on-going and sustained social networking and media.

“What I find intriguing about The Stick House project is its mix of ancient fable and new technology; a story of woodcutters, wild flowers, indenture and deep dark forests told via software, sensors and surround-sound. I'm trying to hold that tension in the music - scratchy wax cylinders remixed into unnerving textures, anachronistic wooden instruments fading in and out of 21st century electronica. Because when I think of the story of The Stick House it flickers like candlelight, familiar yet somehow magical.”

Timothy X Atack,
Composer and one half of Sleepdogs